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Kenya Evelyn - VOC - Black immigrants_edited.jpg
Editor Spotlight: Black Immigration

Experts say discrimination against Black immigrants is bipartisan and has a long history. Voices of Color explores how policies rooted in anti-Blackness put migrants at risk.

Kenya Evelyn - VOC - Missing women of Color.jpg
Editor Spotlight: Missing Women of Color

When young, white women go missing, American media pays attention. Yet when Black, Indigenous or Latina women do - they seldom receive the same coverage. Voices of Color unpacks why and the impact on families and communities of color.

Kenya Evelyn - VOC - Hispanic Heritage.jpg
Editor Spotlight: Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebration of Latino cultures. But some say it commodifies communities while erasing vulnerable members. Check out more of Voices of Color's coverage.

Kenya Evelyn - VOC - Crown Day.jpg
Editor Spotlight: CROWN Day

July 3rd marks when the CROWN Act first passed, and now 13 states officially ban hair discrimination. Supporters of the natural hair movement say the bill passing federally would be a victory for racial justice. Check out more of Voices of Color's reporting.

Kenya Evelyn - VOC - Juneteenth.jpg
Editor Spotlight: Juneteenth

After nearly 40 years, Juneteenth is now America's newest federal holiday. But is the country honoring its past without making amends for its transgressions? Learn more from Voices of Color.

Kenya Evelyn - VOC - AAPI Month_edited.jpg
Editor Spotlight: Asian American - Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Asian Americans are from here, they're growing here. And they're not leaving here. Check out Voices of Color's package highlighting Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage.

Reporter Spotlight: How Black voters lifted Biden's bid for the White House

Black voters helped the Democrat win the nomination. Now they form the backbone of his support in key states like Wisconsin.

Reporter Spotlight: Black women shed blood, sweat and tears to gain a voice. Granny, this vote is for you

My grandmother, barred from voting for half her life, died two weeks ago. The sacrifices made by women like her led to this moment.

Black Trump men voters
Reporter Spotlight: Celebrities highlight conservative faction among Black, male voters

The conservative leanings of public figures speak to part of the Black male electorate underrepresented in political conversations.

Reporter Spotlight: The Black electorate could decide the 2020 election. Here's why

The factors that will shape African American voting turnout on election day, and their political power well beyond.

Reporter Spotlight: ‘We’re going to lead this’: a call for Black women in Florida to claim their political power

Amid protests and the coronavirus pandemic, Black women are rallying voters to demand ‘a seat at the table’.

Reporter Spotlight: BLACK VOTING POWER: How Covid is accelerating the fight for Black voting rights in the US (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign targeted Black Americans to deter from voting, and the battle for the right to vote is just as important in 2020. In Florida, it's COVID that could kept them home.

Reporter Spotlight: 'Don't take Black voters for granted': Milwaukee leaders and activists warn Democrats

The pandemic forced the Democratic convention to go virtual, but some feel the party abandons the Black communities that get them elected.

Black Voting Power Milwaukee voters
Reporter Spotlight: BLACK VOTING POWER: Black voting power: the fight for change in Milwaukee, one of America’s most segregated cities (VIDEO)

Guardian US reporter Kenya Evelyn travels home to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to find out what Joe Biden and the Democratic party can do to truly earn the votes of Black Americans.

Reporter Spotlight: ‘We won't be ignored any more’: the untapped power of poor US voters in 2020

Poverty affects more than 38 million people in America and new research suggests they represent a vast reservoir of votes.

Reporter Spotlight: Hate is on the rise in America, here's why

Four in 10 Black and Asian adults reported increase racial tension since the pandemic began, according to a Pew survey. Here's why protests, a recession and pandemic are the source of spikes.

Reporter Spotlight: 'A slap in the face': how racial bias dogs US coronavirus response at every level

From policy to public response, multiple factors put Black and Latino Americans disproportionately at risk of contracting and dying of Covid-19.

Reporter Spotlight: 'Wear your crown, because change is coming': Virginia joins states banning hair discrimination

Virginia’s Crown Act goes into effect on Wednesday – and other southern states could follow.

Reporter Spotlight: Juneteenth: activists across US inherit a historic battle for racial justice

First celebrated in 1865, the holiday marking slavery’s end is both a painful reminder and a celebration of freedom fighters.

Reporter Spotlight: What is Juneteenth – and should it be a federal holiday in the US? (VIDEO)

The Guardian's Kenya Evelyn explores whether it is time that Juneteenth, a day that millions of African Americans across the US celebrate freedom from slavery, becomes a federal holiday.

Reporter Spotlight: In life and death, George Floyd's plight reflected the burden of being black in America

Floyd’s struggles resonate with many black Americans and the timing of his killing created a spark that lit this week’s uprising over centuries of racism.

Reporter Spotlight: 'We're expendable': black Americans pay the price as states lift lockdowns

The coronavirus ripped the seams of a facade of American exceptionalism, exposing deep-seeded racial inequality in public health. Now the push to reopen businesses threatens to worsen the blow.

Reporter Spotlight: Ahmaud Arbery killing reignites debate over sharing graphic viral videos

Activists credit the clip with prompting a grand jury request, but many viewers found the images highly distressing.

Reporter Spotlight: 'A second sense of grief': coronavirus hits cultural travel boom for black Americans

Losses threaten Caribbean and African nations where travel had become a growing industry, spurred by cultural and heritage links.

Reporter Spotlight: 'The last flag bearers of an era': how coronavirus threatens a generation of black Americans

Older black people are more likely to die of the virus that their white counterparts – among those lost are prominent black pastors, performers and civil rights activists.

Reporter Spotlight: 'It's a racial justice issue': Black Americans are dying in greater numbers from Covid-19

The coronavirus may not discriminate, but our healthcare system does. For many lawmakers and health professionals, fighting the outbreak is a matter of racial justice.

Reporter Spotlight: How the sting of an Elizabeth Warren defeat felt different for young women

Warren’s candidacy struck an all-too-familiar note for many as hopes faded for a highly qualified contender: ‘What more could she have done?’

Reporter Spotlight: 'If the hotels go down, everything does': How the coronavirus is impacting the Caribbean

From Costa Rica to the Caribbean, beaches are closed and carnivals called off as coronavirus takes a toll on the region.

Reporter Spotlight: How black Republicans are debunking the myth of a voter monolith

African American politicians and activists on the right say they’ve found support in the black community through dialogue.

Reporter Spotlight: What Super Tuesday revealed about Black Democrats ahead of the 2020 presidential election

Biden received strong support from African Americans – but the primaries also confirmed black voters aren’t a unified voting bloc

Reporter Spotlight: Kobe Bryant: How public grief can be added pressure for NBA stars

The NBA’s decision to play games in the immediate aftermath of Kobe Bryant’s abrupt passing has sparked a debate over its impact on players’ mental health

Reporter Spotlight: 'Like I wasn't there': climate activist Vanessa Nakate on being erased from a movement

Nakate was cropped from a photo with white activists. Now she’s battling for diversity in environmental activism.

Reporter Spotlight: How TV crime shows erase racism and normalize police misconduct

TV shows cloud the public view of criminal justice and leave women and people of color out of the creative process, study finds.

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