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Throwback Thursday: Meet the Modeling Agency For Muslim and Modest Women

Sometimes in journalism, projects you create never see the light of day. It can be for a variety of factors including news relevance, job-changes, broadcast restrictions, etc. While perusing one of my media drives, I realized just how much content I have that either never made it to print/air or were removed later due to licensing/broadcast rules. Therefore, I introduce to you my own version of Throwback Thursday, where I share with you my creative and journalism content that isn't available online anywhere else anymore. First up:

Underwraps: Meet the Modeling Agency For Muslim and Modest Women

In honor of International Women's Day, I present to you Nailah Lymus. As a devout Muslim, she struggled with finding opportunities in the fashion industry for women who choose to live their lives modestly, showing little or no skin. So she decided to create an avenue for these talented women to shine and created Underwraps.

Underwraps is a global modeling agency exclusively for Muslim and modest-living women. Not all the models Lymus represent are Muslim and some don't identify with a religion at all. The goal is to allow women to flaunt their beauty in the fashion industry while showing off only what they're comfortable with.

*** NOTE: This is a rough cut video of a piece with an original airdate in February 2017. A final version was never produced or released.***

Enjoy and Happy International Women's Day!


I shot, edited and co-produced this video with my former colleague, Sandy Petrykowski, after she first came up with the idea. The awesome Bossa Nova music you hear is from Vodovoz Music Productions.


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